Your event deserves
charm and unforgettable
taste experiences.

Strong essences, cool sorbets. Chose whatever you like. Fancy some porcini mushroom fagottini with red Sicilian prawn or some spinach ravioli with carbonara espuma? A gourmet catering that will put every palate in ecstasy.


  • Exclusive catering or
  • Private chef rental
  • For up to 20 persons
  • Consultation, planning, implementation
  • Creation of a personalised menu

Alps to sea – a culinary journey from the mountain to the sea

Manfred Kofler was born in Dorf Tirol and is a passionate cook. He learned his trade in international restaurants. Back in South Tyrol, especially traditional and Mediterranean influences shaped his cuisine at “Culinaria im Farmerkreuz”. In 2017, he earned a Michelin Guide star for it. Now a new adventure begins - quality, creativity and passion remain.

Exquisite quality and
marvellous creations –
it’s time to celebrate